Out of the Abyss

A Favour He Says...

Finn’s Thoughts

How did we end up in a Dragon’s lair, mucked up in ‘Dark politicking? As if things ain’t bad enough being Drow slaves, now we’re really in the cook pot!

I gotta admit, Themberchaud is a beautiful dragon, although I never seen a dragon before so maybe all of ‘em looks like him…he’s got it together more than our cute little dragon, Ke. So he says he wants a favour from us, but it’s one of those favours, y’know? We really have two options here: we steal from the Grey Ghosts, or we steal from the Grey Ghosts. Some of the others, the rich snoots, seemed hesitant to help out our good friend Themberchaud…thats how you end up smiling from ear to ear…and that ain’t gonna be me.

This job’d be much easier if I was better at talkin’ Dark common. It’s similar to Dwarvish, but I still feel like a young’n when I’m trying to talk it. Y’know, it really brings me back to Waterdeep – it was jobs like this that kept Roc and me fed. I got some info we needed out’a some herb witch and we’re gonna be on the Grey Ghost’s trail, I can feel it. I was on top of the world, until we were makin’ our way back to the Inn, we ran into some drow slaver waitin’ for us. We couldn’t stick around at the inn – she’s waiting on an ambush – the trouble’s itching – like the magic – I ain’t going back into slavery…alive…


kingstonnexus Aozvald

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