Out of the Abyss

Eldeth in Gracklestugh

What can I say? They’re human, at least most of them that are worth their grit are. There’s the elf too, flighty, cocksure, with his nose so far up his own arse he can smell his food digesting, and then there’s the dragonborn, strong, proud, with scales like molten copper shimmering…
Well then, the rest of the lot? Underdarkers all, and you get what you can expect, which isn’t a lick.
What do I mean?
Well Jailyn and Zinnia got into their heads to try and earn some favour with the duergar. Now I expect this from Jailyn, girls head is as soft as her sword arm, but Zinnia? Thought she had more sense than that. At least with her there she’d be able to keep them alive on where ever this fool’s errand was gunna take them.
No doubt you’re right, she’s a warlock, but I ain’t never seen a spellslinger wield a blade the way she does, like a dancer she is, all dark and exotic… well, ah, yes, at any rate she’d do Brightaxe proud as a Bloodmaiden is aall I’m saying.
Well, they was off and had left me to tend the underdarkers, the deep-gnome Topsy, two goblins named Yuk-Yuk and Spiderbait, and a quaggoth who fancies himself an elf prince named Derendil. All of them a little banged up from a few rows.
It was quiet for the most part, they had us hold up in what the duergar generously call an in for outsiders. The derro who run the place seem to be stable enough to keep the accommodations livable., though mutter a little to much for my liking.
The goblins got Derendil and Topsy into a game of cards while I kept watch. There were few enough other patrons staying there, what with us keeping a quaggoth as a pet. And those that were there kept their distance.
Now i tell you, it all happened pretty fast, we all knew Topsy was gettin’ a little skittish due to her bein’ a wererat and all, (I know and they wanted to keep her about, it’s likely the only time that I agreed with the elf, he wanted to turn her out) so I made sure that Derendil kept an eye on her, worse case, he killed her, best case, they killed each other.
But then there were duergar everywhere. They came out of the shadows, the doors, thin air! They were on us with knives, and swords. One took Derendil in the back, putting a blade pretty deep and then followed up with three more stabs before the big guy could react. I got my shield up in time and fed it to the cur who thought me unarmed just cuz I didn’t have a sword drawn.
Spiderbait got back handed so bad when he stepped between Yuk Yuk and a duergar that he flew into the wall. And I swear he bounced right back on the blighters’ head. all teeth and sharp nails.
Now for a second I thought we might be alright, thought we might lose the quaggoth, but four duergar assassin’s weren’t nothin’ we couldn’t handle. Then the drow rushed in. Darts started flying (I ain’t gunna call them bolts, those things ain’t big enough to be called crossbows), two caught Yuk Yuk in the chest, one in Spiderbaits leg, three into my shield and another into my leg.
Blades came out and the room went black, so black you could see the tip of your nose. Derendil howled and everything went quiet.
“You’re outnumbered. Surrounded. Only death is sure. Lay down your weapons and you may yet live.” It was that drow bitch.
“How do you figure that?” I asked her, buying some time. I could hear Derendil breathin’ heavy, but I could not locate where he was.
“I won’t have to kill you?” She honestly sounded confused, I almost laughed.
“Gunna be hard to do that when your already dead. Derendil,” I shouted.
“Here my lady,”My lady? He sounded pained, angry, just not angry enough. So threw my sword at him, or rather where I thought he was.
No way was I gunna let these pointed eared bastards take me again.
I must have hit him, because he roared like the beastlord himself. I threw up my shield and hunkered down. There were lots of screams then and a popping squealing noise that I can only assume was Topsy. I think Derendil must have hit her and she lost it too. The drow’s darkness work in our favor as neither of them could see us and we had the sense to keep away from them, the Drow didn’t, neither did the duergar.
By the time the darkness had cleared. By the time the darkness had cleared we had four dead duergar, and three dead drow, the bitch had gotten away.
Derendil had calmed as soon as the darkness faded, and somehow Spiderbait had managed to shackle Topsy.
But that was it. I ordered the rest of the patrons out, locked the derro in the kitchen and put Derendil on the door.
By the Brightaxe I was not going to let my guard down for anther second in this forsaken city.
Ya, they came back, all of them, even the elf. They looked tired and beaten, but not broken, except for that elf, he’s always seemed broken in the head.


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