Out of the Abyss

The Magic has a Mind of its Own

Finn’s Thoughts

I never ate a bear before, I didn’t even know you could eat bears, I hear they eat people. My first bite was something terrible, and I just wanted it to taste better for everyone…then it started to taste way better; it reminded me of some steaks Roc ’n me stole, they was the perfect steaks. So we finishes our bear and we runs into a thing named Jim, he floats, has tentacles, and talks in our heads just like Stool – at least Jim asked us first.

So Jim says he can lead us to the Derro Savants, but in return, we have to kill them. I’m in for this plan, they been causing some trouble and it’ll help Themberchaud, Ayrd, and Else. He leads the way and brings us to the chamber where there is a black tower, a Derro sorceress, and some kind of red egg, all on a big stone table. I knowed it was Themberchaud’s egg, I was going to save it! I took some cover at the edge of the table, and the next thing I know the Derro sorceress did something and all the bad memories from my past flooded over me…there was the orphanage fire, living on the streets, the drow slavers, and Roc’s death…I was just tryin’ to save him…tryin’ to save him…

Then the magic started, with the anger and fear and sadness I never felt it like this before…there was no egg, no friends, no cavern; just me, the Derro, and the memories – they had to stop – next I knew, I was on top of the table, the lightning was crackling around me – I let the lightning go – “Ouch, my back” – then everything went black.


kingstonnexus Aozvald

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