Out of the Abyss

The Journal of Sorndar Abala

Third Blade of of House Mizzrym

Day 3 of the escape
The Slaves continue to elude us and if they do so for much longer Ilvara is likely to put another of us on the altar before the cycle is out. Fortunately when they do leave a spoor it is had to miss. The bloated corpse of that deep gnome at least gave us a direction, though why they woulkd head into the The Long Chasm only Lloth could fathom, but then they doubled back and either through sheer luck or that traitor Sarith, they managed to avoid us.
If only Shoor hadn’t split the search parties, we could have taken them all at the base of the waterfall. That’s what Jorlan wanted, but Shoor is to spiteful to listen to him. Instead we had to waste time going around the long way giving those bastards time to slaughter Urrlok and the others. I’m guessing they let that freak loose on them to make such a mess. As to what killed Urrlok I cannot say. His body frozen like ice even though he’d been dead hours or more, and that look on his face, I’ve seen it before on slaves as the priests dagger plunges into them on the altar and Lloth rips their soul away to be devoured.

Day 7 of the escape
We found the markers left by Sengo and Belzen, they lead to an old floating tower that Ilvara said had been there for centuries, held aloft by the Faerzress that infuses this chasm. She and Asha conferred while we searched for more signs of the slaves passage. It was Second Sword Xunril Deduis who found Sengo’s crossbow on a ledge just over the lip of the chasm, and a half dozen bolts lying about, some bloodied, some broken.
Ilvara announced that the tower was poisoned, to much time in the Faerzress, she said, and we took up the trail again.

Day 8 of the escape
We found Sengo and Belzen. Butchered like the others, but both of them stabbed in the back, repeatedly. Ilvara named them both cowards and instructed us to leave them to rot.

Day 9
Saw the strangest thing today. The bloated corpse of that toad Shuushar lazily floating down the river. We pulled him out and examined the body. Mistress Asha thinks that hunger has finally got to them and they murdered the pacifist for some food, but lost their nerve before they got to far along. They gutted him good though, and it was probably a trick of how the river treated him, I’m sure he was grinning.
They’re headed for Sloobludop so why they murder him and not the myconoid speaks to a level of barbarism that led Ilvara and Asha to think that the Surfacer’s are in charge. We can’t follow them into the Toad city, the treaties with them never hold and they outnumber us greatly. We just have to wait and hope we pick the right spot for them to exit, Jorlan has some good ideas, but Shoor is still being an ass.


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