Out of the Abyss

Through the 'Eyes' of a Stool

Let me tell you about the bestest person’s that I have ever met. They are kind and caring and big and scary and mighty and magicky and fast and scary and crackly and strong and smart and wise and huggy (i didn’t know what hugs were, did you know what hugs were? They’re like squeezing but with less crushing. Sometimes they hug me when we get out of the water and I leak on their feet (They have Feet! And hands! I do not have hands, but I have more feet. They are less stable, oh ya…)
They are heroes and they are my friends (That’s like a family with less arguments).
Let me tell you what they did.
They talked to a dragon (I am not sure what that is but it sounds, um, dragony, like Anankee, but grumpier. I know, I can’t imagine it either, no one’s grumpier than Anankee, well maybe Eldeth) And then they talked to Deurgar and had to go away for a bit but when they came back they had to follow a shorter Deurgar they called a derro and they said “You can come with us Stool, no you can’t, yes you can, no no no, he’s to small, yes he can he can talk to people (I don’t have a mouth! They have mouths, lots of them, one for each of them, sometimes two) Okay you can come but stay in the back (I don’t have a back!)”
They…We followed the Derro into some caves where he got smaller, and then Ashlyn got smaller (She’s so brave) Then we all got smaller and Ashlyn pointed to where we should go and Jaylin kept me safe and carried me (She’s the softest even though she has bones. I don’t have bones, they’re like sticks in your body, they hold them up because they’re so soft. Like bags of meat)
I heard singing, Grove singing, though it was broken somehow, sad and far away. They said we would come back and see after we finished following the derro. The cave was full of spores from the Other, I was afraid it would get into my friends like it did Sudemon and Anakee, but not yet. Sudemon is a mighty warrior like Anakee, but with too many minds in his head, but he is so smart and brave that he can think through all that noise and do things to beat people up.
Then they went through scary rooms with scary noises.
Then they fought some water and then they fought some bears (That was scary). The little derro ran away. Then they ate the bears (Finn eats everything)(I think he wants to eat me. Jailyn won’t let him) Then they met a Shepard and he brought them to a stone where the world got cold and scary and Finn through magic around and melted the derro or a different derro or something that stopped being what it was when Finn melted it. There was an Eye that floated and Zinnia (She’s nice and scary and sometimes one person sometimes two people. She’s really scary when she is two people) threw magic at it and it threw it back and she threw it back and it threw it back and I was frozen and she threw it back and Ashlyn threw sticks and Ananlee threwup and Zinnia fell over and Finn fell over (They need more legs) and then the eye fell over and Jailyn warmed me up and kept me safe (She is the softest!)
Then there was an Egg, everyone said it comes out of dragons, Anankee said she had no idea about that, but it was really big so if it came out of Anankee she must be really empty inside (Good thing she has bones).
Then they said that this was what they were looking for along with a big rock and a book. The Shepard lead us out but the singing had stopped and no one wanted to go look and I was sad, but they are heroes and they know what to do because they are smart and brave (Even though Ashlyn talks to her sword, I think she is confused sometimes).
The water was dirty and made the heroes act funny, like the derro, but taller.
They wanted to get the egg out so Zinnia and Ashlyn went out and then they came back running and screaming. Then Finn went out and did not come back. And Sudemon went out and came back yelling. And then Anakee and Sudemon went out and Zinnia, Ashlyn, Jaily and me ran out and up the stairs while Zinnia screamed alot and Finn was dancing on strings, but he was really crowded in his head.
I don’t know where Anankee’s Egg is. I hope she’s not sad.


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Through the 'Eyes' of a Stool
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