Out of the Abyss

Well that was terrifying

One of the drow apparently decided he was fed up with something and decided he would free us. He left the door unlocked and then created a big distraction, summoning up a swarm of demons, so all the guards left and we escaped the pen and ran into a nearby guard tower where I grabbed some armor and a sword, not that I know what to do with either of them.

The next problem, of course, was where to go next? To the right, the quaggoths had gotten out and were fighting demons, and to the left, the drow were fighting demons. The only option seemed to be to escape by jumping down a waterfall (great idea).

Luckily, everyone except Jimjar made it to the shore, and I didn’t even swallow too much water.

But we had no time to rest. The drow seemed to have resolved their demon problem and started coming after us, so all we could do was run.

After an hour or two of twisty turny dark passages, I was well and truly lost, but then we came to a cave-in. Ront and Derendil and Ananke started digging but weren’t fast enough and then suddenly there were these crossbow bolts coming out of the dark and then Ront drops to the ground and everyone’s screaming and Sarith is yelling for a sword and I have a sword so I run over to him but then he gets shot and falls to the ground and then Sudeiman comes over with his shield and does something magical but Sarith just lies there and then these quaggoths come out of the darkness and Sudeiman tells me to hide behind his shield and then he charges out to fight them. And then here I am standing over Sarith who’s not moving and I have this shield and this sword and everyone’s dying and I don’t know what to do and then this other quaggoth appears out of nowhere and takes a swing at me and he knocks the shield out of my hand and my arm twists and I hear a pop and it hurts so bad and I try to swing my sword at him but it doesn’t even do anything, and I yell for help but no one hears me and he’s swinging at me again and his claws are so sharp and he’s so big and then I must have hit my head and it all goes hazy and there’s just so much pain…

…but then I start to feel cold and there’s a man there, kind of hazy with but with these black eyes that somehow glowed, and I ask him to help me and he holds out his hand and I take it but it’s so cold and he helps me to my feet, and then he sort of, I don’t know how to describe it, showed me what I could do. And then I started to feel warm, even though my arms were covered in frost, and he filled me up with this energy and all I had to do was just let it out and it was the easiest thing in the world…

…and then the quaggoths were dead and the drow were running and I could see them running off in the dark and then I sent a bolt of energy after one of them and he fell and I knew he was dead and somehow, I felt better…

…and then the danger was over and Derendil was freaking out and everyone was trying to make sure no one was dead and nobody was paying attention to me anymore and we weren’t in trouble and then it hit me.

I killed someone.

And at the time, I felt good about it.

What have I done?


kingstonnexus iamarogue

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