Age: 20
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 250 lbs
Place of Origin: Sword Coast

Skin: Bronze
Eyes: Gold
Breath Weapon: Lightning

Class: Fighter
Background: Guild Artisan (Armorer)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Proficiencies: Great Weapon Fighting, All Armor/Shields/Weapons
Languages: Draconic, Dwarvish, Common


Ananke is descendant of a nomadic clan of Dragonborn that had been stigmatized by prejudices of the time – in which people believed Dragonborns were the monstrous bastards of dragons, prone to volatility and violence. As a result, the clan was often under siege as it moved through the lands – and to protect themselves, learned to hone their skills as fighters and craftsmen, forging their own armors and weapons with which to protect themselves.

After generations of this violent and nomadic lifestyle, the clan decided it was necessary for their continued survival to lay down roots. They understood, however, that to do so successfully, they needed to select a large port city: one where they could hide behind the inevitable anonymity of large cities; but, also where the population was largely transient, such that anyone taking offense to their presence wouldn’t be around long enough to do anything about it. They also recognized that a large port city would allow them to ply their trade and grow their reputation as Armorers, given that any clients would quickly take their forged goods far beyond the city.

After several generations, the clan successfully established themselves as highly respected members of their coastal community – their work as armors preceding them, revered throughout the lands. In honor of their past nomadic clansmen, however, the clan maintained their tradition of honing their skills as fighters, and often put on public displays to showcase their skill along side their forged armor and weapons.

Ananke was born of this clan, and was the first female Dragonborn to come of age in some decades. She was raised with the clear expectation that she meet or surpass the standards set by the clan’s matriarchs of old. To do so, Ananke dedicated herself to training as a Fighter and an Armorer; and, for what years of training she’d received, excelled in both.

However, in her ever-present determination to prove herself, Ananke decided to undertake forging a heavy armor and great weapon with which to publicly display her skill as an Armorer and as a Fighter. To add to the challenge, Ananke decided to forge her weapon and armor from some of the rarest materials; to mine those materials herself; and forge her wares directly from their ores: ebony and moonstone.

As neither metal was often readily available in her home city along the Sword Coast, Ananke was forced to travel far in search of their ores. Moonstone proved relatively easy to find, and she was able to mine its ore within a few months of travel. Her search for ebony ore, however, took Ananke farther from home – into a little desert town, where locals spoke of an old abandoned mine that had once held a vein of ebony ore. After acquiring the appropriate permits to access the mine, Ananke began her excavation – and found that the mine went much deeper than the surveyor’s map indicated. It was in these deeper, unmapped sections of the mine that Ananke found ebony: and during her mining of this ore, as she was about to strike pickaxe to rock, she became paralyzed. Ananke knew she was under attack, but had no recourse to defend herself before her whole world went dark…

She would later come to find out she had wandered into a Dark Elf throughway that bridged a gap between the Under Dark and the surface; she was found by a scouting party that realized her potential value as a slave – and using a combination of magic, poison, and brute force, took her captive.


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