Out of the Abyss

Collecting my thoughts is hard

I want to collect my thoughts. I’ve never had so many unbelievable things happen… Old Man Willis might think he has the best stories at the tavern, but he would never believe half the things I’ve seen!
I don’t even know where to start. After losing Dad I became a Drow slave. We escaped because one of the Drow wanted to prove a point? Maybe? That’s when we lost our first person: JimJar didn’t make it through the waterfall. I only know that I made it because Shushar, a Kuatoa, swallowed me. Totally revolting but I’m grateful. He was the third person we lost. Or second? How terrible is it that I’m losing track? JimJar, Shushar, Sudeimon briefly though he’s alive again I think…, Buppido, Ront, Sarith, Turvy, Hammeth, Finn, and now Derendil. And maybe Eldeth although she’s still walking and talking. Not even death is straightforward down here!! I feel like I haven’t mourned properly for all these members of our little village, and don’t know if I’ll ever fully recover from the horrors of the Underdark.

Ok, ok, I should focus on some positives or I will drown in sorrow and fear. We didn’t get eaten by the giant monster demon … thing… in Slubludop. We nearly lost Jae but Stool found her. What else. I was only turned blue by Finn’s crazy magic, I’m sure that could have been much worse. And our heads didn’t explode into spores like poor Sarith. And the Stone Giants, now there is a positive. Before we left Gracklestugh a dead Stone Giant gave me his heart. I had no idea what a gift this was, I was certainly grateful for the water it provided us and that kept us alive, but I had no idea. No idea.

Remember when I said death is not straightforward? I think I died, too. But this voice, this voice that tickled the edges of my memory, offered to help. And he sounded so kind… and so I let go like he asked. And the next thing I knew I was throwing a giant stone monster off of me and I had a new stone heart beating in my chest. That Stone Giant had given me a second chance at life, and what a chance it is! I feel so much stronger than I ever have before, I’ll certainly be able to protect the my new family now. A little late for poor Derendil, he fought so bravely… at the very least, I have a much better chance to save them with this new life that the Stone Giant gave me. And a much better chance of finally finding my father, wherever he is in this accursed place.


kingstonnexus alainaboyd

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