Out of the Abyss

Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait

Surfing the web

“Well, well, wouldn’t you look at that my good Spiderbait. Thing of beauty that was…thing of beauty.” Yuk Yuk leapt to the dangling web and slid down to the corpse that was now stuck in the webs below.
The smaller goblin, Spiderbait, agilely followed, bounding from web to web in a downward crisscrossing pattern.
“Never seen its like have I not,” Yuk Yuk continued, “Not like to again. With all that magic flingin’ about, spiders freezin’, wizards gigglin’, and all sorts of eldritch energies illuminatin’ the place.”
All about the dead carcass of the hulking spider other forms twitched and wriggled in the webs bound tightly in its sticky embrace.
Spiderbait moved to one of the largest cocoon’s and started slicing away at the webs with a small razor.
“Right you are my friend,” Yuk Yuk called from where here similarly cut the webs away from another bundle form, “That blade of light was truly impressive, though a trifle hard on the eyes for my liking.”
Spiderbait managed to expose the sizable scaled arm of the dragonborn and deftly dodged aside as the warrior started ripping at the webs herself.
“But no, I do not think they would part with it,” Yuk Yuk added as he managed to free the hand holding the sword in question. once free of the webs and still in the hand of it’s wielder the blade shone with intense light forcing Yuk Yuk to shield his eyes and mumble to himself, "Nope, not practical at all.
They moved from party member to party member freeing each one until all were accounted for except two.
“Where’s Sudeiman?” Aishlyn asked eyeing the two goblins suspiciously.
“And Derendil?” Ananke echoed.
The Spider twitched, then heaved.
Swords were drawn and spells were readied, and then a have jutted out from beneath the bulk of the spider. A hand with now familiar blue veins, pulsing dimly in the shadow of the dead spider. Quickly after it cam the furred claw of Prince Derendil.
“There they be my good folk, and none the worse for wear,” Yuk Yuk smiled, "Though it may take some elbow grease to get them out of their hidy-hole.Krull_Spider.jpg


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