Nyx Nackle and Namphoodl

Nyx is a 3'0" tall, 100 lb, deep gnome. He trained at the Society of Enlightenment in wizardry and transmutation.


Nyx was one of the brightest up-and-coming wizards at the Society of Enlightenment, having read most of the unrestricted books in their library and having a strong handle of illusion and transmutation. Upon completing his most recent exams, his advisor Grazzilax strongly suggested Nyx should take a break from his studies and take some time to travel through the Underdark. At first, Nyx was absolutely grief-stricken that he could not continue to read all of the books int he Society’s library, however the situation was quickly rectified when he was given a handy haversack that contains copies of a number of library books that he had not read and his very own Transmuter’s Stone.

Nyx’ set out from the Societ, with his trusty golem familiar, Namphoodl, to have an adventure. He set out to visit Blingdenstone, where he was born and grew up learning magic from his first teacher, Nomi.


Nyx Nackle and Namphoodl

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