Aislin (Ash) Carter

She's blue and has a heart of stone... in a good way


Human Underdark Scout
Fan of bows
Dislikes goblins
Protective of family and found-family
Unexpectedly strong


Aislin (Ash) Carter grew up in a small forest village with her father, her mother having been killed by goblin raiders when Ash was very young. However, she was never at a loss for family as the whole village had a hand in raising her. Once she was old enough to hold a bow her father would take her out hunting. This was by far Ash’s favourite thing to do. She learned from her father how to track, how to shoot, and how to live out in the wild.

When Ash was in her teens a band of goblins moved into the area and started terrorizing the village. Her father organized a group to go out and chase them out of the forest. When they hadn’t returned after 3 days Ash couldn’t began to worry and decided to follow their tracks deep into the woods. When she found where the goblin camp was there was evidence of a struggle, but there was no one to be seen. She kept following any tracks she could find for days getting farther and farther from the village. Sick with fear and grief she hunted night and day, and in her exhaustion allowed a group of bandits to sneak up on her…

Aislin (Ash) Carter

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