Out of the Abyss

A Blade in the Night

R.I.P. Shuushar

We traveled some days through the underdark until we got to a river. This was a good sign since Sloobludop was our destination which was on the Dark Lake so a river would probably lead there.

After travelling for a little while, we came across a few kua-toa fishermen who were nothing like Shuushar. But he was able to trade with them for what he called food but was more like fish guts. It was kind of edible, but Ananke couldn’t stomach it, and Eldeth and Sarith both flatly refused, saying they would rather starve then eat that.

Anyways, feeling somewhat confident in Shuushar’s abilities to negotiate, we proceeded. He said we were probably a few days’ travel from Sloobludop.

The next morning, though, we woke up and Shuushar didn’t. He wasn’t moving and when Ananke tried to wake him, she discovered that he had been sliced open. It looked to me like he had been stabbed in the throat by a narrow, sharp implement (like a crossbow bolt, or maybe a dagger or stiletto), and also sliced open from neck to… whatever the kua toa equivalent of a bellybutton is. By a really sharp blade.

But we were on watch all night, and no one saw anything. So what could have possibly happened?

  1. Finn was the one who was loudly saying how much he didn’t trust Shuushar (when it suited him. He was more than happy to let Shuushar heal him when he needed it. I mean seriously, the kid has issues. He said if anything happened to him someone needed to bring his body back to civilization, and then when Shuushar promised to do so, he said no thanks. I mean who asks these things, and then refuses when someone agrees?), and he has a dagger
  2. The sword Ash has, Dawnbringer, is the sharpest blade any of us have, it would be the most likely murder weapon. And the sword is intelligent and talks to people. Maybe it convinced someone to pick it up and do the deed.
  3. Sarith is a drow, and a murderer. Maybe he is really just a plant, and trying to subtly thwart us. Shuushar was the most useful to us at the moment, and without a translator we are going to have some problems in Sloobludop
  4. Of course, it’s possible that someone infiltrated the camp while we were sleeping (maybe invisibly?) without anyone noticing, but if that’s the case, why is no one else dead?
  5. Sudeimon is clearly different. Maybe whatever happened to him… changed him?
  6. Ananke has been having bad dreams, so maybe she could have done it and not realized?
  7. And then, not that anyone has brought it up, but what if it was me?


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