Out of the Abyss

A Life for a Life

R.I.P. Sudeimon

After travelling through the underdark for some time, we had sat down to take a bit of a breather when Finn began hearing voices. He wasn’t the only one though, apparently Prince Derendil and Ront both heard it to some extent as well. Finn said that it was a woman’s voice, asking Finn to help her. The weird thing is, I believed that he was hearing it, because when I tried to listen to what he was hearing, I could hear it too.

Anyways, Finn insisted that we follow the voice, and we did, and came to a chasm in the underdark in this room full of glowing moss, with a tower literally floating in the middle of the chasm. It was a ten-foot gap from where we were to the tower. The moss, however, seemed useful and Ananke smeared some on her scales and armor so she could bring some light with her and I think Jailin brought some to use in her spells.

We debated whether it was a trap (which it probably was, I mean, I’ve heard all kinds of stories of travelers lost in the desert that think they hear sounds of civilization or a woman or child and when they follow the voice, they get eaten by sand worms or worse). But since Finn was insistent, we decided it would be safest if we all went and checked it out together, I mean, some of us couldn’t hear the voice so if it was some sort of mind control some of us would be okay, right?

So into the tower we went. Sudeiman said that it was a Netheril tower, which is a civilization that fell thousands of years ago. There were tapestries depicting a elven-looking sorcerer, which Derendil insisted was a half-breed.

We followed a spiral staircase downwards until Eldeth announced that we were at least a hundred feet below the bottom of the tower, which was patently impossible.

But then we got to a few rooms. One of them had a shrine that had been defaced, pretty recently I might guess. And the room had claw marks and things were shredded. Which was all weird because the tower otherwise had dust and hadn’t been disturbed for, let’s go with thousands of years. There was a room that had a really nice looking sarcophagus, and another room with four less ornate sarcophagi.

We looked around and I sure couldn’t see any woman being held captive, but Finn said he was still hearing her and she said we were close and that she needed help.

He thought we should open the sarcophagus but this whole thing did NOT feel right to me at all. I told everyone I thought it must be a trap and I had a really bad feeling about it but the only one to listen was Jailin. The rest decided to open the sarcophagus so Jailin and I left and went back upstairs.

Then there was screaming and magic being used and maybe we should have gone back, I don’t know, but I mean, I’m just a girl, what could I do to help? What difference could I possibly make? I knew that the room was not safe and what sane people do in that situation is they leave, instead of poking it because there’s a mysterious voice in your head.

Anyways, after what felt like forever, they came back upstairs and Ash was blue and carrying a glowing sword, and Ananke was really beat up, and Derendil was carrying Sudeimon. And Sudeimon was dead.

And Finn was freaking out and he asked Jailin if she could heal Sudeimon but he was pretty dead and I could tell she felt really bad about it and even though she tried to heal him there weren’t even any wounds to heal, it was like the life had just been drained from him. So Jailin said she couldn’t do anything to help him and then Finn turned to me and asked me to help. I don’t know what he was expecting but I guess some inexplicable things have happened around me, so maybe I don’t know, he thought I could make miracles happen.

So I closed my eyes and I tried to make contact, praying for Sudeimon to be saved, but all I got was a picture of Sudeimon in a sarcophagus. “What does that mean?” I asked. “Does that mean that he’s dead and there’s nothing that can be done? Or does it mean that the sarcophagus will heal him?” But I didn’t get a response.

So I said that I thought we should lay him in the sarcophagus, and something might happen, but even if it didn’t, he would be in a place for dead people and maybe he’d be laid to rest or something. We put him in the fancy sarcophagus below, and I prayed as hard as I could, but nothing happened. So we closed the lid and said some blessings and left the tower.

Later that night, we’re resting and Ananke is having the worst dream ever and she’s flailing around and yelling and we try to wake her up, and when she does wake up she says we have to go back for Sudeiman. Which sounded a bit like denial to me, so we all are trying to tell her that he’s dead and we laid him to rest and then after that we walked for like five hours and we might not even be able to find our way back to the tower, and even if we could we would be going towards the drow that were chasing us, but she insists. She says that we could go on without her but she was going back for him.

What choice did we have? If we split up now, we would never see her again, and we couldn’t just leave her to die in the underdark alone. I mean, the sane thing would have been to leave her behind but she would have come with me if it was the other way around. She’s kind of like that. She does the right thing.

So we went back and traveled for a few hours, hustling as fast as we could, when there’s this demon-looking thing murdering a drow and he turns and sees us and charges over, but Ananke realizes it’s Sudeimon and she steps forward and calls his name, and then he sees her and they just look at each other.

Except that Sudeimon’s skin is really dark now and his veins seem to glow blue underneath his skin…


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